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entrance to Geevor tin mines ltd

The company of Geevor Tin Mine Ltd was formed in 1911.

From then until the final closure in 1990, the fluctuating price of tin played a significant role in Geevor’s changing fortunes and greatly affected the surrounding communities. Over the life of the modern mine, 4.5. million tons of ore was hoisted, producing over 50,000 tons of ‘black tin’.


Geevor Tin Mines Ltd

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The company, Geevor Tin Mine Ltd was formed in 1911, nearly one hundred years ago. 

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Mr Gilbert

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Mr K.A. Gilbert was the manager of Geevor between 1966 and 1973. 

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Oliver Wethered

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Oliver Wethered was a leading figure in Cornish mining for over thirty years.Oliver Wethered was the Chairman of Geevor Tin Mine Ltd from 1911.

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Comment left by M.J.Locke on 2010-08-23 18:14:38

I have a minature ingot inscribed:- JANTAR NIGERIA TIN Co.Ld. Tin ingot from first concentrate won from property Nov 1911 Oliver Wethered Esq. Christmas 1912

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