Mine Shafts

diagram depicting the victory shaft, with levels, drives, crosscuts and lode

Mine shafts provide access for men, materials and services and shafts are also used to hoist the ore to surface for processing.

Shafts are essential for ventilation and the mine was kept dry by pumps which raised water though this shaft to the surface.

Sinking the Shaft

To access the cassiterite (tin ore) in the lodes, the first step in the process was to sink a mine shaft, either vertically or at an angle to follow the lode. At Geevor the deepest shaft was Victory Shaft - sunk vertically to a depth of 1575 feet (480 metres). Work began to sink Victory Shaft in 1919: this was the main shaft at Geevor.


Photograph reproduced with the kind permission of the  Geevor Archive

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